Dash is my 7 year old short haired Dachshund. He loves destroying toys and tolerates playing with his niece-fur, Eevee the Corgi.

Day 17. Meal time

So, the two lab mixes that live in the house behind us just love to dig under the fence and roam around our back yard and the neighborhood on occasion. The owner tried to put up a barricade  but it’s obviously not working. Check out Dash’s hair standing up on his back and tail. There’s a 200 lb. attack dog living in that dachshund body

daxshoned asked:

Hey, I love the pictures of your lovely dogs. We have our first Dachshund and he has just turned 2. He just loves his toys! What are your pooches favorite toys or things?

Hi daxshoned! Ollie is adorable! Well, Dash (my dachshund) is 8 years old now and has slowed down just a bit in the playing department. but he has always loved stuffed toys with squeakers. His goal in life is seek and destroy every one of them. He also loves, loves, loves mini tennis balls (especially the cat tennis balls that have bells in them). Luckily, Dash doesn’t eat squeakers, bells, stuffing, etc. He destroys and spits everything out. Now Eevee (my daughter’s corgi) is another story. She loves ALL toys, socks, shoes, baseboards, rugs, carpet, anything she can chew up. She’s a rotten 1 year old. And she loves to destroy stuffed toys and play tug of war with rope toys. We have to watch her closely because she likes to eat things she shouldn’t. She’s a handful, but so sweet.

Thanks for the question!

lemalinois asked:

Hey! So I've been following you for a little while on my horse blog and have just gotten around to making a dog blog, do you have any recommendations for some of your favorite blogs that you follow??


Hey I’m going to post this on my dash so my dogblog followers can see and reblog to point you in the right direction. I have toooons of dog blogs I follow, I don’t want to miss any that I think would be what you’re looking for :P 

So blog away my peeps— enlighten this wonderful person to the world of blogging about our beloveds! 

Hi lemalinois! We’re a dog blog (dachshund and corgi antics). Welcome to the FANTASTIC dog tumblr family :)

Um Dash,  you’re doing it wrong.

Um Dash, you’re doing it wrong.

Day 16.  Park

Day 16.  Park

Day 15. Jump

Day 15. Jump

Day 14. Trick
This is when Dash was learning “under”.

Day 14. Trick

This is when Dash was learning “under”.


Photos from the Past!

I got TWO requests for today’s date due to birthdays! From eredhys and dashsmom ! 

 asked a question
My birthday is coming up on Monday (September 15th). Do you have any past photos from that date???
eredhys asked a question
Photos from 15th of September of any year? :D It’s my birthday date and I’d love to see what your lovely woofs were doing on that day!

The unfortunate thing is, through ALL my years of photos, I have only a couple on the 15th of September, from 2012. Sorry they’re boring :[ But you get to see the woofs in collars for a change…. ? Again sorry they’re not better photos, but I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday :]

Submit a random date here if you’d like to play Photos from the Past!

Husky photos on my birthday (and a Chihuahua thrown in for luck). WOOF WOOF! Thanks 6woofs!!!

Sunday morning chilling out.